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Six month coaching package

Things are going well for you professionally and this may, or may not be matched with life outside of work. You are probably feeling as though something has to give. Perhaps you’re now craving a complete change after a long time focused on building your career but don’t know where to start.  Perhaps a significant personal event has you questioning the next steps.

You want to be back in balance with the renewed energy, passion and moral imperative for a new chapter. I can help.

We will start off looking at where you are now, how you got there and why you’ve stopped moving forward as you’ve wanted.  Next, we’ll create a plan just for you mapping out the next six months of our work together. Then we will get to work.

At the end of the six months you will be eager to get on with the next chapter, you will be brimming with ideas, feel refuelled in terms of creative energy and ambition and inspired to lead the change in your life.

How does the six month package work?

You will undertake a detailed intake form

This will be followed by a 2 hour breakthrough session during which we will evaluate in detail what needs to change to get you where you want to be professionally and personally. 

We will then begin 6 months of  weekly coaching sessions that will last from 45 minutes to 1 hour. These will be supplemented with homework tasks and activities to keep you focused on your goals

Throughout the six months we will keep in touch regularly by email for check ins and pep talks.