Three Month Package

In three months we can get to the bottom of some knotty issues that have been holding you back and really dive into the issues that are keeping you back from fulfilling you potential.

The three month package is perfect for those who

  • Have just started out in a new role (be that professionally or personally), 
  • Are ready to take the plunge into a new role
  • Are experiencing the turmoil of balancing work with their personal lives
  • Are ready to make changes and prepared to put in a few months of hard work for radical results

How does the three month package work?

You will undertake a detailed intake form

This will be followed by a 90 minute breakthrough session and I will then put together a coaching plan for you.

This will be followed by weekly coaching session of 45minutes to 1 hour. These are supplemented by homework tasks and activities to keep you focused on your goals

Throughout the three months we can keep in touch by email for check ins and pep talks.